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Get all the 90s 411.  As if you don't remember the 1990s! What other decade was so culturally fractured, starting off with a celebration of all things flannel before coming of age in a digital maelstrom of beepers, cell phones and email. The 90s were a time when we all learned to love paying too much for a cup of Starbucks coffee and packed movie theatres to watch Quentin Tarantino and John Woo turn gritty violence into intricate ballet.

For the first time in 50 years no one had any nuclear missiles aimed at our heads and the Soviet Union had been broken up into a patchwork quilt of countries and peoples. How did we celebrate?


The 90s celebrated with vampire slayers, screams and people who knew what we did last summer. In the 90s we wailed on our guitars and sang out about our angst until the synchronized moves of boy bands put us all back on the dance floor. It was an exciting time of cigars, swing music, Bill Clinton (oh, we already mentioned cigars), and the Macarena (whatever!). But most of all, we created a pop culture storm whose effects are still being felt today.

Get all the 411 on the 90s here with in-depth looks at 1990s fashions, movies, TV, timelines of 1990s events by year, and 90s music. Get your double shot of 90s culture – it's all good.

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Planning or attending your next 90's party?

We are a full decade away from the 90s, and it is just about time we started celebrating this fin de siècle decade by giving it the props it deserves in the form of some serious 90's parties. 90s 411 presents great tips for throwing a ragin' 90s party including what to wear (love those 90's fashions – they make great 90s costumes!), décor, invites, and more. Go to our 1990s party guide and get all the 411.


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